My Story

Hi, I'm Christine! It's a pleasure to meet you! Welcome to my new blog, Healing Through Food. I've been creating YouTube videos since 2011. I film videos on DIY home decor projects, houseplant care, patio gardening, minimalism, organizing and decluttering, beauty, travel adventures, plant-based what I eat in a day, etc... YouTube is where I share almost everything... almost. ;) 

Last year I began a personal healing quest and a realization hit me. As vast as the internet is... I still couldn't find the answers I was searching for. 

Information on healing the body from the inside out with food was particularly lacking, conflicting and riddled with misinformation. This lit a fire inside me and in Spring of 2019 I created Healing Through Food. 

For years I was struggling with food sensitivities and almost everything I ate seemed to affect me in the form of cystic acne and inflammation throughout my body, it was a painful, depressing, ongoing struggle. Until one day I made the decision to change my diet in a way I hadn't tried before and within days I found myself healing though food. I go more in depth in my blog post here, Introduction To Healing Cystic Acne.

Reading and sifting through studies on nutrition and how foods affect our body is a passion of mine, it's something I wish I could wake up and spend everyday doing... Researching and getting the information out there to help others. Currently I work full time (in the jewelry and gemstone industry) and I spend my free time studying nutrition and filming YouTube videos.

My goal is to spotlight evidence-based nutrition, share my own healing experience through food and make this information available to you and anyone else wanting to heal their body from the inside out. 

My mission with this blog is to help others live their best life, no matter what stage of life you're in. 


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