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By Christine Kobzeff - May 06, 2019

Cocokind Highlighter Review Chagaglo, Mai-Light, Sunrei.

Cocokind Highlighters are multipurpose creme highlighter sticks and can be worn on the cheeks, eyelids, brow bone and body. They are cruelty-free, 100% vegan and formulated with clean ingredients. I discovered them while browsing the health and beauty aisle at Whole Foods. Since I've downsized and gone more minimalist with makeup, I've also transitioned to more clean beauty products. I'm always excited to find new products that combine the beauty of makeup with the benefits of skincare.

I purchased Mai-Light and Sunrei, tested them out and went back for Chagaglo. They cost about $12 each. All three shades provide a natural glow and dewy finish. You can wear these on their own or layered with other shades. If you're wanting a shimmery high-shine gleam to be bouncing off your cheekbones like moonlight reflecting off the ocean, this isn't it. Cocokind highlighters have a glow that's more reminiscent of sunlight on your skin during golden hour. 

I can see Mai-Light being very popular, rose gold is a universal favorite and this shade will be flattering on a variety of complexions and skin tones. Chagaglo is a golden bronze that would look beautiful on tan, caramel and darker skin tones. Sunrei is a pure 24k gold, perfect for layering on the other shades to add a gilded glow.

  • Mai-Light Maitake Rosé - rose shimmer. 
  • Sunrei Reishi Gold - pure gold shimmer
  • Chagaglo Chaga Bronze- bronze shimmer

Cocokind Highlighters Review

Cocokind Highlighter Review Mai-Light Sunrei

Cocokind Mai-Light Sunrei Review

Cocokind Sunrei

Cocokind Highlighter Review

Cocokind highlighter review, Chagaglo, Mai-Light, Sunrei.
Cocokind Highlighter Swatches, left to right: Chagaglo, Mai-Light, Sunrei.
Cocokind Highlighter Review Chagaglo Mai-Light Sunrei
Cocokind Highlighter Swatches Blended Out.

Application is a breeze. You can swipe on directly from the stick or use your fingers, blend out with your fingertips for a natural glow. Cocokind formulated these highlighters to be hydrating for the skin, they apply buttery smooth on the skin without any tacky feeling and lasted all day. I layer all three shades together for a custom sun-kissed highlight. 

When testing these highlighters I applied them to bare skin. I purchased these for using as a cheek highlighter, I haven't tested them on the eyelids or brow bone yet. But I can update here if I do.

Cocokind highlighters wear beautifully on bare skin. If applying over your foundation, you'll want to gently tap onto cheekbones instead of swiping on directly from the stick, to avoid smudging your foundation. 

Cocokind highlighters contain .5 oz of product, the product does fill up the entire tube. Ingredients can be found on the Cocokind website here.

Do you plan to pick up any Cocokind highlighters? If yes, I'd love to hear which one.

Until next time, take good care of yourself and we'll chat soon.

Your friend,

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